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This holiday season has been AMAZING! My little family attended a wedding, a Christmas, a formal party, and 2 more Christmases within the holiday week! We've been mostly well, and resting up BIG in between events. Lots of family snuggles, nature time, naps, early bedtimes, and veggies in between the added sugar, late nights, and dancing!

I've had a week off, so I've been gutting and organizing the house, which means it's taken me a week to put away Christmas gifts. (How does one fit 3 more tea boxes into a full cabinet? One needs to empty, clean out, and then all new tea boxes will fit!) Thus, putting away tea takes 30 minutes...

I used to cringe at the thought of trendy getting on track plans for January. Resolutions- ICK.... BUT, a few years ago, I got over the idea of it being a trend. There IS something to it! It's a very nice way to reset after the indulging. Everyone lets a little loose over the holidays. We can reset every day, every Sunday, or every January. Up to whatever floats your boat.

What challenges or cleanses or goals or intentions are you setting for 2020?

Or for January?

--> I'm doing a 3 week challenge of taking my supplements 100% of the time. I've already been doing this as I fought off a cold in 48 hours, so that one got started 2 weeks early.

--> I'm also doing a free Ragnar 31 day challenge of completing and logging an activity every single day in January.

--> I'm omitting grains for 3 weeks starting in January. I follow a gluten free dietary plan but do include gluten free whole grains 3-4 times per week.

--> I'm going to prioritize sleep! This one is the hardest for me... My goal is to be in bed by 10 more nights than not. The hardest one! I'm open to all the tips on this one.

What do my goals have in common?? They are a stretch but attainable! Goals should keep life interesting, challenging but do-able. Don't shoot for the moon with behavior changes, settle for the clouds and be happy when you make it there.

Below is a veggie tray I brought to one Christmas celebration. Veggie trays are my JAM.

Breathe, be well, and happy eating!

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