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To WINE or not to WINE?

Often in my work, I feel a bit conflicted. I want to promote organics due to the toxin load in conventional products, and the ecological benefits, BUT I also want to provide sustainable and cost effective advice, realistic advice for example. Some folks cannot commit to the costs of organics, and I do not want to shame or create negativity if those recommendations cannot be met. That is one common example of topics that can cause a little conflict in my guidance sessions. BUT I am a fan of baby steps, and small interventions!

If you know me personally, you know that I enjoy wine- specifically red wine. For the most part it agrees with me and I go in phases of consumption.

I live in an amazing area, saturated with wineries growing delicious varietals. Through the years I have had memberships at 3 local wineries, and have most definitely supported the local economy in that way! I will continue to support local wineries, but I just can't be quiet about my new finding...

Over the summer, my sister's friend did an informal tasting of a few products from the company Scout & Cellar. WOW! I was delighted with the crisp whites that were presented (I usually don't like them!), and I did some additional research on the company.

It was founded by a wine lover, a trained Sommalier, who began feeling ill during her wine tasting adventures. She took it upon herself to add to her education a deep relationship with the grape growers & wine makers, She realized in her case that her icky feelings when she drank most wine was due to the amount of pesticides, additives, etc. and that she felt better when she consumed wines that had less in them. Feeling better & supporting less is more farming methods is music to my ears.

Fast forward to her starting a company called Scout and Cellar, which markets wine from around the world, promoting wine that meets strict standards for additives. Less than 3% of world wines meet this criteria.

As a purist, a seeker of cleaner products, and a wine drinker, this all appealed to me- to my core! The more I learn about the company, the more I want to share it with others. The other great aspect of these wines is their price point- from $13-45 per bottle, it is similar to area winery pricing!

Curious yet?? Click to purchase.

Or contact me for an outdoor tasting! You bring the friends, I will bring the wine :).

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