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Here to Help

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Initial Consultation
Visits range from $80-$120

60 minute phone consultation

Includes discussion of wellness questionnaire, questions answered, recommendations made and emailed within 24 hours

Follow Up Check In

Visits start at 15 minutes  | $20 per 15 minute increment

Follow up is typically 2-4 weeks after initial visit with a 4-6 week visit to follow. Shorter check in's available upon request. Food log analysis if indicated.

Additional recommendations made to support plan.


Customized Meal Plans

Offering 3 days of 1-3 meals per day 


7 days of 1-3 meals per day

Packages range from $80-$240 based on your family's individual health needs



Group visits, Essential Oil classes, Family Discussion, Family Training, Dietary Plans, Food Prep and Blended Diet.

Some Classes are offered for free! Stay tuned for details!

Classes can be customized - please reach out with requests.

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