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Metagenics Clear Change Detox

I loathe the word diet and I love to eat. I love the way wholesome food makes me feel. I love to witness the healing when dietary shifts happen.

I recently completed a short challenge/detox/cleanse. It’s similar to the Whole30, but it’s shorter, and utilizes products that support the detoxification pathways in the liver. The Rules

All the usual groups go away- sugar, alcohol, caffeine, eggs, dairy, gluten, grains, and then even nuts and seeds. Other food groups are increased- cruciferous veggies especially. I love this reset, as each day is a little different in terms of rules so it keeps you engaged. By far, omitting nuts and seeds was the hardest for me! I‘m a total squirrel I guess.

I think the best time to do these type of rule following resets is before or after the holidays- or both! I already think a decent amount about what goes in my mouth, but this plan really hones in on that. It’s such a good reminder about mindful eating, and not putting everything in our mouth as we walk by the kitchen.

Due to omitting food groups, the plan can range from 10-21 days depending on how long certain food groups remain “out” and how long you want to wait until bringing ones back “in”.

For example, rice is recommended to be added in on day 9 but I chose to include a glass of wine instead. I added potatoes back in, and have still kept eggs, grain, dairy, and added sugar out (day 13).

Metagenics makes the high quality shake, and they put together a sweet kit with a shaker cup, cookbook, shake, and supplements. Let me know if you’re interested- I can send you the link with a 15% discount.

(easy veggie lunch salad)

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