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Get Healthy with Chelsea

Supporting you in making healthy choices

Here to help

Here to guide you in making changes to enhance your health and providing support for lasting behavior change.

Services offered

Phone Consults, Group Classes, Oil Classes


Specializing in 

Elimination Diets, Whole 30, Paleo, Picky and Selective Eating, Hormone Testing,

Stool Testing, Blended Diets, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and More!

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  • Hormones & Stress- a RESET
    Mon, Feb 06
    via zoom
    Let's support our tired adrenals by lessening how we process stress in the body. 5 focus areas: nutrition, energy, rest/relaxation, detox, and spiritual. You will leave class with an individual game plan for stress reduction using nutrition, oils, supplementation, and or lifestyle interventions.
  • Eating For Better Blood Sugar
    Tue, Feb 21
    Via Zoom
    Learn more about better blood sugar balance. This class is for anyone looking to learn more about Protein, Fat, and Carb balance in meals. We will discuss reasons that may contribute to blood sugar issues and practical interventions to take to bring those levels into healthier ranges.
  • Color Coded:  The Role of Phytonutrients
    Tue, Feb 21
    Did you know that plants contain superpowers called Phytonutrients that come from the actual COLORS in the plant?! And we lucky humans get to eat these foods to reduce our risk of disease and inflammation. Join in the fun to learn about how to support your systems with colors from foods.
  • Understanding & Supporting Picky Eaters
    Tue, Mar 07
    Zoom Event
    This class focuses on the potential underlying causes of why your child doesn’t eat the way you’d like, and highlights some things that we can control. The last section of class with be a facilitated discussion between parents/caregivers who can ask questions, share successes and struggles.
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