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Elimination Diets, Weight Loss, Whole 30, Paleo, Picky and Selective Eating,

Blended Diets, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and More!

  • Wellness Workshop
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Dec 08
    Zoom Event
    Attend this Wellness Workshop to Realign your health goals, improve energy, and enhance your current diet. Held via zoom for 4 consecutive weeks. 1 hour per workshop.
  • Healthy Holiday Class (1)
    Mon, Dec 13
    Join in an hour of how to support in staying on track through the holidays- while also enjoying some of your favorite holiday traditions. Let's be the change: healthy holiday recipes will be shared that you can make and take to any holiday event.
  • Healthy Eating On a Budget
    Mon, Jan 10
    Zoom invitation
    The "food mortgage" is a real thing! Let's discuss some strategies to saving dollars, meal planning, and shopping tips to save a buck without sacrificing our health. There will be class time for sharing budget tips that are working in your family.
  • Wellness Workshop
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Jan 12
    Zoom event
    This popular class provides foundational wellness information to support the body long term- gut health, detoxification, how to include more whole foods in the diet- the best of the best & up to date information there is to know! Individual worksheets, handouts, all materials provided before class.



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